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About Bratz Basement

Brats Basement is a family business in every respect, it was founded in 2009 by good friends Audrey Martin and Pamela Massey. With two boys each, Audrey and Pam were frustrated with the struggle of trying to find affordable toys and novelties, not only for their boys to spend their pocket money on, but also to buy as gifts for family and friends. They knew what the children in their family and friends circle liked, they also knew what these children had dreams of playing with. They decided to take a leap of faith and make those dreams come true. Stocking the latest trending toys, educational toys and small party pack surprises Bratz Basement was born.

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Why Crafts Are The Perfect Way To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

We all know that crafting is fun, but did you know it also helps teach essential life lessons? Craft projects can help with everything from strengthening family bonds to building children’s motor skills and self-confidence. Want to know more? Here are our top eight reasons why crafts are the perfect way to spend quality time […]

Are You Buying Age Appropriate Toys? We Can Help!

Each child has a unique personality and interests, but years of scientific research has also shown that kids have things in common. Appropriate Toys for 3 Year Olds 3 years olds learn best through play and movement. They love pretend play and toys that provide a cause and effect. Because of this, 3 year olds […]

Fun Exercises to Quickly Improve a Child’s Creative Thinking

Getting your kids to explore their creativity doesn’t have to be complicated or boring! There are several fun ways you can encourage your kids to think and act creatively. From toys and games to spark their imagination with dress-up, the sky’s the limit! Here are a few fun exercises and activities you can use to […]

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